Midweek Me Moment 

Every Wednesday at Anasa we celebrate a “Midweek Me Moment” This is simply taking 20 minutes today for yourself - to relax, savor your favorite treat, drink a glass of wine, read something, take a bath...whatever makes your “Me Moment” special to you!

Everyone needs quality time for themselves.  Women, especially, need time to pamper themselves a little after that busy day.  As that old saying goes, “Men may work from Sun to Sun, but a woman's work is never done”.  That saying certainly stands true; a little time set aside for yourself isn't too much to ask. It doesn't matter if it’s late evening, nighttime or early morning - take the time and the steps to pamper yourself.  Remember that you as a whole are what you are stuck with for the rest of your life, so treat yourself and love yourself completely.
  1. Spritz the face. Keep a small spray bottle filled with spring water to mist your face during the day and at night. Try a lemon orLavender mist as well
  2. Exfoliate your body. Sugar scrubs are a good way to shed dead skin, plus they’re aromatherapeutic and will leave you soft and sooth
  3. Treat Your Toes - Give yourself a pedicure (Yes, you too, guys)
  4. Soothe the hands. Take care of your hands the same as you would your face by applying hand lotion or even your face cream, especially at night
  5. Apply a facial mud mask.  Mud masks help purify and remove toxins from the skin
  6. Give ALL of your skin a treat. Don't forget to moisturizer to the rest of your body and pay attention to the delicate neck area
  7. Use scent to lift your mood. Light some of your favorite candles. Yankee Candle Simply Home Bartlett Pear Jar Candles
  8. Try using vanilla or lilac body sprays; they will add that special touch after a nice shower or bath
  9. Treat the legs. Don't forget to put cream on your legs - Cocoa or Shea butter works great
  10. Jazz up the teeth. Get in the habit of taking care of your teeth, and don't forget to floss.  Maybe even slap some whitening strips on your teeth!
  11. Eat well. Prepare yourself a generous meal, relax and really taste the food 
  12. Chill down for the night. Rent yourself a good movie, kick your feet up, and relax. Spend a little time at night to yourself
  13. Exercise. Exercise and physical activities reduce stress and release built up emotions. Walking about 30 minutes a day is a relaxing activity.  It’s a fact that exorcising promotes good physical and mental health
  14. Build a fire and stretch out and relax in front of it
  15. Enjoy a glass of your favorite wine, cheese, fruit and crackers
  16. Curl up on the couch with a paper, book or even write, or watch your favorite show
  17. Have a relaxing cup of tea, hot cocoa or coffee.  Maybe try a new organic tea or if you are drinking hot cocoa or coffee, try adding some whipped topping and chocolate or caramel syrup
  18. Save up money so you can go shopping and treat yourself to a few gifts
  19. Sleep, enjoy a nap!
  20. Meditate or take a moment to Pray


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