Winter Skin Care Tips

Dry, Chapped, Dull, Cracked, Ashy...Winter Skin, Oh My! Don’t let winter skin get you chapped! We’ve compiled a list of simple tips to help keep your skin healthy, soft and glowing all winter long.

TURN DOWN THE HEAT:  Harsh winter elements can be brutally drying to your skin, especially if you spend time outdoors on a daily basis. Yes, I know it’s tempting to spend long moments in a hot steamy shower on cold winter mornings; but you’re doing a disservice to your skin because hot showers actually dry it out even more. Try keeping your showers warmer (as opposed to hotter) because hot water strips your skin of its natural oils called sebum, removing this happy protective barrier that is so important to the health of your skin!  And remember shorter showers and lower temperatures also save water and power, which save you on your water and energy bill. Making Happier Skin and a Happier Pocketbook!

DRINK WATER:  While you might not feel overly thirsty during cold winter days, the truth is your skin needs water now more than ever.  Drinking plenty of water keeps your skin supple, glowing and less prone to chapping.  Ice cold water tends to have a negative impact on digestion, so try drinking water at room temperature or even a little warm.  But most importantly, drink plenty of it - at least six to eight (8 ounce) glasses per day.  The good news is that come spring time, you'll be hard pressed to kick the habit!

MOISTURIZE: Immediately after each shower or bath gently massage a skin loving natural Shea butter, Cocoa butter or natural cream into your skin to keep it healthy, supple and to tone the underlying muscles. You’ll be thrilled with the results in just one week. Also, butters and creams infused with herbs like Hemp, Tea Tree and Mint, or soothing Lavender have many other emotional and physical rejuvenating properties.

EXFOLIATE:  Exfoliating the skin might not come to mind when it comes to protection...but if you want to keep your skin looking youthful and soft, it's important to exfoliate away those dead skin cells. Commercially prepared exfoliating scrubs often contain harsh chemical ingredients like sodium lauryl sulphate, a foaming agent that can cause further dryness and mild skin inflammation.  When shopping for a scrub look for gentle, non-abrasive and chemical free sugar scrubs. Sugar granules in comparison to salt crystals are smooth and non-abrasive, and sugar is alpha-hydroxy rich to give you glowing skin and perfect to use even after shaving, with no burn.

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